The website is up!

Hello friends!

The day is here! (actually the day which we imagined will be here two months ago…) The website and the forums and the webshop and everything else is up at:

Also, please note that now on, we’ll be blogging at the new page:

This blog has already migrated there, and we won’t be maintaining this one here. Welcome to the new home 🙂



– Aakash

Calling (unconventional) Design Interns!


Are you a design student, with a sweet tooth for 3D CAD?

Does the idea of 3D printing get you excited?

Do you wish to spend your “working” time playing with a 3D printer, and printing out your imagination?

If yes, We’re looking for you!

The people

We’re the designers and manufacturers of the first* indigenous reprap-based 3D printer. Our team consists of a spectrum of young-to-seasoned people, spanning varied expertise areas, but all working for a common cause of making accessible 3D printing happen in India. Here at Aha, we all possess the mentality of “doing what it takes” to make things happen, which means we habitually cross our comfort zones of individual expertise to do tasks which need to be done, and work in a flat hierarchy where each team member’s thoughts matter to an equal degree.

To know more about our work, please go through our blog.

The opportunity

3D printing is the next big thing happening to humanity. As a design professional, it will give you an invaluable edge, and if you join us, you’d get a start at the right time on the right technology towards a bright design career. You’re invited to do your internship or diploma project at Aha! Gadgets (Duration: 3 months or more).

The field will be “Design for 3D printing”, and the rough outline of your work will be:

  • Make yourself familiar with available open-source 3D CAD software from a 3D printing user point-of-view.
  • Design and print objects which demonstrate the use of 3D printer to various disciplines.
  • Explore and work out guidelines for designers who wish their designs to be 3D printed.
  • Explore ways to print challenging designs.
  • Explore post-processing of printed designs, like finishing, colouring, sanding, glazing, etc.

Remuneration will be offered, which will be sufficient for your monthly expenses at Jodhpur, but not a lot more than that! However, we’ll be selecting people who’re interested in us not for money, but for the work.

If you’re interested, please send your CV and portfolio in pdf format to with the subject “CV – <your name> – intern”

( * – unofficial but undisputed claim)

Fun days @Aha!

Hello Friends! How’s life treating you?
Times are-a-good at this end, thanks!

Two great things have happened since the last time we communicated. (as a sidenote, let me not apologize for the delay in posting, and make myself look miserable – the fact remains that when situations want, they sap up all your days and nights and relations in a whizz. Hope you understand)

So we were talking about the great things; one is, our play zone (and also the shop) has now encompassed colour prints; some pics:

The raw material at work!

“Cute octopus says hello!”

“Bluebird (?)”:

Parts of “Fully printable PCB vise” (still printing…)

A neat pen holder, in two colours:

And the venerable owl statue – every 3D printer designer’s favourite 🙂

So that was news no. one!
The second news is even merrier – starting this month, shipments of machines have started! The first Reality 3D machines are already in their owners’ hands, (and after all the testing and re-verifying everything, we here at Aha! are waiting with baited breath for their feedback) – hope all goes well, and we live together happily ever after!

This is the machine of our First customer, awaiting to go to Pune. To the right is its elder brother, who has seen many shades of times with us:

And these are the happy R3D team members, who are currently acting as packing guys:

This is the job they’ve done – its journey to our first customer will be only slightly less exciting to us than Nasa’s Curiosity trip to mars 🙂

More prints and developments

Hello Friends,

Another post, we have some more new developments to share!

First, take a look at Mr. ‘Red’dy:

(btw, we’ve started calling the black one ‘kalu’ out of affection 😛 )

Then, we discussed about Sunny’s art in the last post. Here we’ll like to share some pics of his designs printed by r3D (used here with his permission):

Tools and settings for all the prints: pronterface/slic3r; 0.23mm layer height, 60mm/s perimeters, 80mm/s infill. Images are enhanced to show the layers.

The Alien lady prints:

The Rocket print:

The prints (after breaking off the support and base):


One last pic for the 3d purists out there: this one’s a macro shot of a recent print with 0.3mm layer height:

See you soon!


The solo entrepreneurs

Have you guys heard about crowdfunding?

Sunny from Kolkata is a gifted artist, working to get his video game project crowdfunded via indiegogo – he is a guy with a dream, and energy to make it a reality despite all the odds.

He contacted our team to check if we can help him print miniature models of his video game characters. And we jumped right in – firstly because we simply loved his designs, and wanted to see how r3D handles them, and then because we have a dream to become catalysts of entrepreneurship in India. If we guys can flourish together, we’re handling our energy in the right way!

He has made for us this nice video explaining 3D printing:

We’ve invited Sunny to write this blog post, to tell us about his experiences, and possibly if we can help find him more funding. Here goes:


My name is Sunny Kapoor (@wickedsunny), a multi award winning writer, designer and poet, owner and lead faculty at We are developing a video game for iOS and looking for crowdfunding. As 3D Printing is the next happening technology, we decided to provide 3D Printed Miniatures as perks for those who fund us.

We tried ordering from shapeways and other websites dealing with 3D Printing but being in India creates a lot of problem for us. They will not ship directly to our customers but only to India and other sites have a very high shipping rates, not acceptable for small miniatures.

By chance we found Aakash and his reality 3D printer at ahagadgets which is one of the first 3D Printers in India.

Aakash not only joined our team but created samples for us.

Though plastic, they can actually provide much bigger miniatures than the one imported from US and the quality is also good. The miniatures which are not glazed with acetone look soft and really cute.

Aakash has been really responsive and been helping us out with all the retrials and changes in the 3D model for the final print.

Both 3D PRINTING and Crowd funding in India has not started yet and even in US it is in emerging stage.

Indian entrepreneurs will actually benefit from Crowd funding and 3D printing in long run but for now breaking into crowd funding is very difficult, unless you are living in US or anywhere outside the Sub continent.

We call it the Sub Continent Curse.

Thanks to our own Indian Government laws, Indian entrepreneurship has become handicapped. Crowd funding is not allowed yet in India and who knows when the bill will be passed for it.

Last year RBI has restricted PayPal in India from accepting personal payments from abroad. That stops all the crowd funding sites from using PayPal for India. People who were willing to buy our perks think twice as they prefer using PayPal, than taking out their credit card and manually filing the forms. Many crowd funding sites do not work for India because of PayPal restrictions.

Those who helped us till now are actually people who themselves need funding and this is ironic. People who have money are not willing to help while people who are looking for help themselves are willing to help others.

Keeping this in mind we have created a new perk where we will help others if they help us. We will create short animations for those who help fund us in any way possible.

It is a long way ahead and we are really trying hard to break this curse.

We need to appreciate Aha Gadgets efforts as well. Most people in India have no idea what is 3D printing and how it can reshape the future. Aha Gadgets have not only created the first 3D printer in India but are competing with desktop 3D printer prices from abroad. Aha Gadgets are trying very hard to make people aware of this new technology but they also need funds to improve upon the printer.

Please help us create our game by buying 3D printed miniatures.

You will indirectly help crowd funding and 3D printing to flourish in India.

Our campaign URLs are:

Thanks! See you on Indiegogo!

A quick post

Hello friends,

Our reason for disappearance for last 20 days:

1. R3d has been living our dream – helping entrepreneurship in India (more details in the next post very soon!)

2. We’re on the first production run of the printers. So exceedingly busy, as you’d imagine.


Will come back very soon!


The full platter

We printed (for the first time) all the plastic parts of r3d in one go. It uses almost all of its build area:

Start of print:

The print is not on the grid because our (otherwise very nice) PCB guy printed the silkscreen of heated bed upside down 😦  We’re getting the corrected heated beds by this weekend. Murphy’s law, as we discussed.


Minor warping of parts, but its usable.

Total build time:

Will post more soon!

Some random prints…



… a windsor Chair uploaded by prettysmallthings on thingiverse, printed as a sample piece. 40x40mm base width.


… you’ll recall Praveen is the Mechanical expert behind r3d. This is a plaque printed on a heated bed, with minimal warping – dimensions: 50x150mm base.