A “printable” dream for India!

Aha Gadgets. A dedicated 3D printing interest company starts among us!

I’m Aakash, a DIY enthusiast. I bought the first Makerbot in India, back in Dec 2009. However, as any 3D printing enthusiast will endorse, times have not been so rosy with it, mostly because of lack of support, and community, and parts/raw material sourcing in India.

So, this is the tiny step to do something about it:


This is the output of the last of the made-in-USA ABS spools. Its a made-in-India 3D printer in the making.

For a start, we target to:

– Bring this printer to you for a reasonable cost. One which will qualify the reasoning of us “value-for-money” Indian people ;). This is one thing which we’re working real hard on!

– Bring home the much needed spare parts (extruders!) and ABS spools, again at a reasonable cost.

– Carry on in-house R&D and support staff, which makes us “contributors” to the reprap project, and not just “followers”!

– Help/support Indian reprap community. With all the techies around, India should be the leader in “community manufacturing”. We target to bridge the gap, where its lacking!

These are the sub-tasks for the printer:

– Bigger build area. Ideally 200x200x150 mm^3
– Scalable to support multiple print heads (extruders), and probably a dremel tool in the future.
– Accessories, like heated build platform etc.

Do spread the word around! And do email me (aakash.ece at gmail dot com) your thoughts on this!

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