Ups and downs

Hello Friends,

First, a delayed report that the 3D printer got a heated bed:

With this, the official print bed size of prototype becomes 230mmx230mmx200mm. We’ve tested it to 200 deg. C for about 20 mins, causing the acrylic underneath to warp, then replaced it with asbestos sheet over wooden ply – which is quite stable and sturdy).

Then, this:

Well, that’s two 20x20x5 test cubes. Skewed. One along X axis, and the other along both X and Y axes. This means that

– Our extruder and hot end are working fine

– Something else is _not_ working fine 😦

But then hey, that’s it’s all about, ain’t it? The yin inevitably follows (and is followed by) the yang, so we’re level 🙂

The last 3 days have been all about finding what’s causing this. Will update with success as soon as we find it 🙂

And then, the other news: our hot end yielded:

This came out to be we drilled the heater hole too close to the plastic bore.

Anyway, we redesigned it to remove threads entirely, making it all from a single piece of brass:

Well, that’s for the updates. And once again, we’re able to pull this development at this pace only due to the wonderful open source community, who has made such rich knowledge base available on the Internet.

Eagerly waiting to start contributing… 🙂

A quick update: The skew was from Marlin. When we changed to Sprinter, the layers started coming smack on top of each other 🙂 … will explore more, and post first pics of good prints soon!

2 thoughts on “Ups and downs

    1. Aakash Post author

      You’re right Sam, we’re saving ourselves by _really_ packing the asbestos sheet all around with tapes on the sides, and wood/metal on top and bottom, so no flakes break loose at all! Moreover, the heater guys keep using asbestos very casually here (sad but true).

      We’re at a disadvantage here. Tried hard to find ceramic tape in this part of the world, and failure so far. Probably what we’ll do is remove the asbestos thing completely, and experiment with MDF as a thermal insulator. Please suggest if there’s a better way to do it, with easily available material.

      Thanks for the tip!


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