Status updates!

Hello friends!

Long time since we posted. So sending your way some quick updates:

1. The improvised version is coming up great, and on time.

2. The exercise of finding proper sources is going on. Actually, this is the step which affects the whole pricing game… so we need to do it real thoroughly to keep the prices of the 3D printer low!

The prices which you see on this blog are the “kickstart” prices. i.e. since we need to start somewhere, we started with some sensible-looking prices. Now how far we can go with those prices depend entirely on how reasonably we can source the goods from various sources. So please pray for us, and we’ll work for you 🙂

Now for the mechanical structure. Luckily for us, we have in our team a boombastic hypohumongously experienced person:

ImageGanpat Singh Ji – the mechanical expert!

His small introduction: he is running a machine shop since last 35 years here at Jodhpur (one of the oldest), and made a couple of _sizable_ machines from scratch, which are at service in his workshop right now.

He’s one of those few people who feel it in their gut when they look at a seemingly perfect gear, and tell you that its going to fail after 3 months, when you put it to operation at 100 rpm seven hours a day.

When two employees of his shop left him at a short notice, he sat down and completely automated the milling machine they used to operate. And did it using gear trains alone!

And he has been guiding this printer’s mechanics all along. When we were beside ourselves with joy, thinking we’ve done it, he was silently and critically looking at every twitch the chassis made while in operation, and when we were done, he told us that the Z axis in current design will shake loose within a few months of serious use.

So, there was this list of his feedbacks on the chassis which are now implemented them all in the current version.

Ah, and its in his workshop that all the mechanics for the printer take shape!

Then, the website thing is going on, it should be up soon 🙂 … we hope to bring something interesting for all 3D enthusiasts!

Well, this was the small tidbit of updates from this end. The next weeks are going to be real hectic (as the weeks past – but that’s what we’re here for, right?!). Will keep in touch!

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