More prints and developments

Hello Friends,

Another post, we have some more new developments to share!

First, take a look at Mr. ‘Red’dy:

(btw, we’ve started calling the black one ‘kalu’ out of affection 😛 )

Then, we discussed about Sunny’s art in the last post. Here we’ll like to share some pics of his designs printed by r3D (used here with his permission):

Tools and settings for all the prints: pronterface/slic3r; 0.23mm layer height, 60mm/s perimeters, 80mm/s infill. Images are enhanced to show the layers.

The Alien lady prints:

The Rocket print:

The prints (after breaking off the support and base):


One last pic for the 3d purists out there: this one’s a macro shot of a recent print with 0.3mm layer height:

See you soon!


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