Fun days @Aha!

Hello Friends! How’s life treating you?
Times are-a-good at this end, thanks!

Two great things have happened since the last time we communicated. (as a sidenote, let me not apologize for the delay in posting, and make myself look miserable – the fact remains that when situations want, they sap up all your days and nights and relations in a whizz. Hope you understand)

So we were talking about the great things; one is, our play zone (and also the shop) has now encompassed colour prints; some pics:

The raw material at work!

“Cute octopus says hello!”

“Bluebird (?)”:

Parts of “Fully printable PCB vise” (still printing…)

A neat pen holder, in two colours:

And the venerable owl statue – every 3D printer designer’s favourite 🙂

So that was news no. one!
The second news is even merrier – starting this month, shipments of machines have started! The first Reality 3D machines are already in their owners’ hands, (and after all the testing and re-verifying everything, we here at Aha! are waiting with baited breath for their feedback) – hope all goes well, and we live together happily ever after!

This is the machine of our First customer, awaiting to go to Pune. To the right is its elder brother, who has seen many shades of times with us:

And these are the happy R3D team members, who are currently acting as packing guys:

This is the job they’ve done – its journey to our first customer will be only slightly less exciting to us than Nasa’s Curiosity trip to mars 🙂

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