Calling (unconventional) Design Interns!


Are you a design student, with a sweet tooth for 3D CAD?

Does the idea of 3D printing get you excited?

Do you wish to spend your “working” time playing with a 3D printer, and printing out your imagination?

If yes, We’re looking for you!

The people

We’re the designers and manufacturers of the first* indigenous reprap-based 3D printer. Our team consists of a spectrum of young-to-seasoned people, spanning varied expertise areas, but all working for a common cause of making accessible 3D printing happen in India. Here at Aha, we all possess the mentality of “doing what it takes” to make things happen, which means we habitually cross our comfort zones of individual expertise to do tasks which need to be done, and work in a flat hierarchy where each team member’s thoughts matter to an equal degree.

To know more about our work, please go through our blog.

The opportunity

3D printing is the next big thing happening to humanity. As a design professional, it will give you an invaluable edge, and if you join us, you’d get a start at the right time on the right technology towards a bright design career. You’re invited to do your internship or diploma project at Aha! Gadgets (Duration: 3 months or more).

The field will be “Design for 3D printing”, and the rough outline of your work will be:

  • Make yourself familiar with available open-source 3D CAD software from a 3D printing user point-of-view.
  • Design and print objects which demonstrate the use of 3D printer to various disciplines.
  • Explore and work out guidelines for designers who wish their designs to be 3D printed.
  • Explore ways to print challenging designs.
  • Explore post-processing of printed designs, like finishing, colouring, sanding, glazing, etc.

Remuneration will be offered, which will be sufficient for your monthly expenses at Jodhpur, but not a lot more than that! However, we’ll be selecting people who’re interested in us not for money, but for the work.

If you’re interested, please send your CV and portfolio in pdf format to with the subject “CV – <your name> – intern”

( * – unofficial but undisputed claim)

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